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Our History and Purpose

Central Christian Academy (CCA) was founded in 1997 as a ministry of Central Christian Church.  Our purpose is twofold. 

          1) To provide individualized instruction that best accommodates the abilities and limitations of each student.  Through customized curriculum and tutoring we work to prevent 'learning gaps' that often occur in the conventional classroom setting.

          2)  To provide an environment with a Christian worldview that is consistent with biblical values and behaviors.


Our Mission

To educate students K-12 to reach their greatest potential utilizing individualized curriculum.


Our Staff

David Brink (also the pastor of Central Christian Church) is the principal and supervises the senior learning center.  With his background of 40+ years in ministry, church administration, architecture, music and parenting, plus over 20 years as an instructor with CCA, he brings a perspective to learning that only time and experience can provide.

Jolene Brink (wife of David Brink) supervises the junior learning center.  Her background of 40 + years in children's ministry and over 20 years as an instructor with CCA provides a rich environment for children as they lay the building blocks for the foundation of their education.

Annette McClure (business administrator and teacher's aide) is part of the team that founded the school. She fills multiple roles in helping the teachers focus on their students.

Our Track Record

The majority of CCA graduates who go on to college perform well and many are in meaningful careers.  Those who choose to go directly from high school into a career track, including the armed forces, are equally successful.


(It would be well to note that CCA assumes an advisory role rather than imposing or pressuring a student with regard to secondary education.)





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