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Our Model:  The Holistic Approach

Our curriculum and academic environment seek to especially engage four areas of development:

          Intellectual / Academic

Our curriculum, which revolves around the core subjects of Math, History & Geography, Science and Language Arts, produced by Alpha Omega Publications, comes in two formats: printed and computerized.  As a student progresses through the grades there is a wide variety of additional courses which can be customized to her / his unique abilities and academic goals.  These additional courses include computer, foreign language, higher math, music, college prep, and art.


CCA seeks to provide a 'family' atmosphere where students interact with all ages and personalities.  The school is structured with two main classrooms (learning centers).  Grades K-5 occupy the Junior Learning Center and 6-12 the Senior Learning Center.  The instructors and their helpers observe daily student interaction and seek opportunities to teach healthy behavior habits.

Social development is also encouraged and taught through community involvement and charitable outreach. 


Healthy perspectives with regard to nutrition, sports and exercise, mental, emotional and psychological health are regularly taught through interaction, built-in teaching points in the core curriculum and additional elective curriculum.


CCA embraces the Christian worldview.  The Bible is taught as a regular part of the curriculum.  Students are also encouraged to become involved with their local church.

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